Authentic Manhood Houston



33 The Series is a portable and powerful collection of precision tools that provides the initial framework and core content for Authentic Manhood Houston. The content of 33 combined with the context of the right environment will provide a winning formula to create a movement of men reaching men in the Greater Houston Area and beyond.

Groups of men using 33 The Series are already meeting around the world. Our vision for the city is to combine our efforts, talents and resources and make a bigger impact while creating a broad network of support, community and accountability.



REGENERATION.  We cannot be the men we were designed to be apart from a relational connection with our Creator. Only Jesus can bridge the chasm of sin that separates us from a Holy God. Men need Jesus.

TRANSFORMATION.  Authentic Manhood Houston is unashamedly biblical, but this movement is not about filling men’s heads with information in the hopes of behavior modification. The timeless principles and promises contained in 33 The Series cannot be fully realized without the daily transformative power of Jesus.

APPLICATION.  Men will identify Strategic Moves, build Action Plans and follow through in accountability with other men. Application is key, so we will discourage filling up a man’s calendar with classes to attend. Instead, we will balance short-term huddles to learn and grow with strategic pathways to engage in their families, churches, communities and around the world—men living out the Jesus-centered manhood they are designed to live.

ACCOUNTABILITY.  God design us to be connected with other men in community—iron sharpening iron—pressed together in environments where there is no condemnation but lots of accountability.


Men can watch the sessions together just about anywhere on a laptop or mobile device (shared earphones might be a good idea), and then discuss and process the material with their Training Guides. Another option would be for each man to download the video bundles and watch the sessions independently, then huddle up later with their Training Guides to discuss and process. They can do this in person or by phone if they travel a lot for work.


The size of the group will determine how controlled the environment needs to be. A small group of 3 to 4 men is relatively easy. However, a “small” group of 8 to 10 men can present challenges for a good experience. Some restaurants and coffee shops will have a private room where groups can meet to watch a video and discuss. Men will need to be able to see and hear the content clearly, so do some recon to determine if a laptop is sufficient or if a small TV monitor is required.

Consider meeting at someone’s house that has an outdoor kitchen, den, man cave, theater room, etc. The conversations are likely to be more transparent in a controlled environment. Keep in mind that the maximum size for a good discussion is about six men. If your small group is larger than that, consider breaking the group into smaller huddles at the end of the session for more involvement in the discussions.


A medium size group could be 12 to 30 or more men. This kind of group requires a controlled environment. This could be a boardroom, hotel meeting room, private room in a restaurant, etc. Some of these rooms are available at no charge if the men will have the option to purchase breakfast , lunch or dinner. Talk with the manager or owner, cast the vision for helping men become the men we were designed to be, and negotiate a six-week agreement to use their space.

The right technology is critical in these venues. There is typically a fee to use in-house A/V. Ask questions. Try it out before the first meeting. Be sure you have a good technology plan in place before your first meeting.

Organize the group into smaller discussion groups of no more than six men.


There is a lot of energy when 50, 100, 200 or more men fill a room to learn how to be the men God designed us to be. Finding a space, outside of a local church, that will accommodate this many men will typically come at a price. Your team can underwrite the total venue cost, or you can charge an extra $5 or $10 per man on top of the cost for a Training Guide to cover or offset the rental for the space. Talk with the manager or owner, cast the vision of authentic manhood, and negotiate a six-week agreement to use their space.

It’s smart in these large-group venues to create the right environment. Is it warm and inviting or does it feel sterile? Is there another option instead of fluorescent lights? Is the space man-friendly? What can you do to create an environment that puts men at ease? Remember, we want to reach all men, not just church men. The less “churchy” your environment is the better. Consider everything from a good mix of songs that men will recognize, to showing Sportcenter as they gather, to starting the session with a short high-testosterone video clip of a popular movie.

The larger the gathering, the easier it will be for men to drift in and out without really engaging with anyone. Discuss a strategy with your leadership team to help men connect in these venues and how you will break them up into smaller groups for discussion at the lend of each session.