Authentic Manhood Houston



[1] WATCH THE SESSIONS BEFOREHAND.  You need to know what’s coming and where you’re going in order to lead the men in your group well.

[2] MAKE IT PERSONAL.  33 The Series is not intended for you to plug-and-play and walk away. Share personal stories of how the content is connecting with you, your response to it and your strategic moves. In medium-size groups and especially large group venues, schedule other men to tell their stories before or after each session. Keep them short and succinct. This will break the ice and model what transparency looks like as you create a safe environment for men to share.

[3] MAKE EACH SESSION A PRIORITY.  It’s only six weeks! Encourage the men in your group to arrange their schedules, discuss with their wives the objective and purpose, and to not miss a session if at all possible. If they must miss, then challenge them to purchase an individual download of that session and watch it before the next meeting. Individual sessions and video bundles can be purchased at

[4] UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR OFF-LINE DISCUSSIONS.  Some topics or personal circumstances can be handled more responsibly one-on-one at another time. Explain the value and purpose for this. Ask God to give you and your group wisdom to recognize healthy transparency and trust vs. sharing too much information in an unproductive group therapy session. A primary objective of Authentic Manhood Houston is to create a network of men reaching men that is decentralized and personal with men locking arms for accountability. Discussions that occur outside of the scheduled session times will help cultivate this.

[5] SHARE THESE GUIDELINES FOR DISCUSSION.  There really isn’t a need for designated discussion leaders unless you prefer it. Just be sure they understand that their role is simply to lead discussion, not to teach. The discussion questions at the end of each session make it easy for anyone to read them and start the discussion. Explain that the questions are intended to be conversation starters and guidelines. It’s okay if the group doesn’t get to every question. Keep these three things in mind to help men stay on track:  

  • Don’t re-teach the session
  • Don’t dominate the discussion
  • Be sure every man has the opportunity to say something if he wants to.